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Our pitch. The problem, our solution,
our market.

The problem (for some standardized tests)
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    The SAT, GMAT and GRE are famous standardized tests—gatekeepers to higher education, jobs and scholarships.

    Standardized tests of English ability are just as important, but less well-known:

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    These tests are less famous, but are far more popular around the world.

    TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS tests are taken upwards of 10,000,000 times yearly.

    These figures are more than 400% higher than the combined figures of the SAT/GMAT/GRE.

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    The problem is that there is not enough preparation options. Preparation materials offered by publishers range from mediocre to awful.

    The amount of quality preparation resources is
    disproportionate to their popularity.

    Traditional solutions (that don't work)
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      How do students prepare for these tests?

      Traditional solution #1: Have an English tutor help you.

      Test preparation is teaching smart techniques and strategies in a very condensed amount of time.

      When English teachers double as test preparation instructors, they teach what they know: language improvement. This is not test preparation.

      Teaching English Test Preparation

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      Traditional solution #2: Have a test preparation school help you.

      This seems logical, but test preparation teachers are also largely ineffective.

      Techniques for SAT/GMAT/GRE are written for native English speakers. Techniques for TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS must be both adjusted and delivered in an entirely different manner.

      Preparing for GMAT Preparing for TOEFL

      ScoreNexus solutions (that work wonderfully)
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        The ScoreNexus Solution:

        1. Use proven test preparation techniques;
        2. But adapt them for a non-native speakers;
        3. Create an online integrated tool.

        In sum, we have built a unique online solution to address a problem that occurs millions of times yearly.
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        The "Test-Teach-Test" approach

        • This isolates and emphasizes the skills necessary for high scores;
        • Taking tests has been proven to be the fastest way to learn;

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        Refined techniques for a
        non-native speakers

        • Our step-by-step approach is based upon an expert knowledge of every facet of the test material;
          We have broken down and gathered data from hundreds of actual tests.
        • Our techniques have been refined through years of teaching multitudes of students to make them clear and accessible to students and teachers alike.
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        Built for a global, integrated audience

        • Multiple levels of users: Students, teachers, graders and administrators are integrated seamlessly.
        • Built with future-proof technologies. Scalable from a single student to hundreds of students, almost without limit.
          This means that our tech won't be going obsolete anytime in the foreseeable future. This is unlike, for example, a test that was put together using Flash.
          We use cloud storage as much as possible, and we strive to keep using the latest tech available.
        The Market. (It's huge.)
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          A Multi-Billion Dollar Market

          Students pay over a $1 Billion Dollars in just test fees alone.

          • TOEIC: 5,000,000+ tests annually, at ~$50 USD per test $250M+
          • TOEFL: 2,000,000+ tests annually, at ~$180 USD per test $360M+
          • IELTS: 2,000,000+ tests annually, at ~$200 USD per test $400M+
          Conservatively, $1.01 Billion USD

          However, the real market is the test preparation/private tutoring market: forecasted to soon surpass $100 Billion USD.

          • Global Test Preparation/Tutoring Market: $100B by 2017;
          • Global Private Tutoring Market: $103B by 2018.
          • According to the GSV Education Sector Factbook, written by GSV Asset Management.
          • Published by the Education Industry Association.
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          Test preparation / tutoring market

          • The U.S. market for test preparation is currently $13.1 Billion USD. This is a large.
          • However, the global market for this sector is a massive $78.2 Billion USD, and growing 13% annually.
          • Standardized tests of English ability likely comprises a large percentage, if not most, of this massive global market.
          GSV Education Sector Factbook 2012: U.S. "Test Preparation/Tutoring Market/Counseling," NAICS: 611691:
          • $13.1B in 2015;
          • $14.7B by 2017;
          • 6% annual growth.
          Global "GSV Education Sector Factbook 2012: Test Preparation/Tutoring Market/Counseling":
          • $78.2B in 2015;
          • $100B by 2017;
          • 13% annual growth.

          Our founder. Lawyer, but he's
          a fairly nice guy.

          • Ed Sato first worked as a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles and San Francisco before devoting himself to online education.

            Ed is Japanese-American. His family has been based out of the San Francisco Bay area for well over a century, but he was born in Munich, Germany—his parents had moved there for several years for work.

            He has written a blog post that explains how he ended up obsessed with standardized tests and online education.